M. Yunus Sikder founded the company that ultimately became LNDC in 2002 and has scaled the company to what is now a full-service real estate development firm. Since its inception, LNDC has grown from a small-scale home renovator to a full- scale real estate developer, and currently focuses on the development of single-family homes as well as multi-unit aparment and multi-story condominium buildings within Washington D.C. From 2011 through 2017, the company generated approximately $40 million in revenue from home sales. 

LNDC maintains a team of highly educated and certified architects, engineers, contractors, and real estate agents that dedicate themselves to quality and personalized results. Our team produces rapid results without sacrificing quality and our craftsmanship speaks for itself.

 The company continues to exceed its growth expectations on an annual basis and aspires to be a leading real estate developer in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. region.

Recently Completed & Final  Phase Projects

1. 2825  Robinson PL SE – 16 Unit Apartment Complex

2. 2836  Robinson PL SE – 16 Unit Apartment Complex

3. 4712  Sheriff RD NE – 7 Unit Apartment Complex

4. 4732 Sheriff RD NE – 9 Unit Apartment Complex

5. 1601  17th ST SE – 10 Unit Apartment Complex

6. 4445 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave NE – 6 Unit Apartment Complex

7. 4613  Minnesota Ave NE – 4 Unit Luxury Condominium

8. 2411-2431 Elvans RD SE – 12 Row Houses

9. 4935-4945 Fitch PL NE – 6 Row Houses

10. 6100  Chillum PL NE – Commercial Office & Warehouse

Looking to Rebuild or Buy a House?

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